How to Choose a Living Room TV Unit?

How to Choose a Living Room TV Unit?

When choosing a living room TV unit, you should consider your usage needs as well as the styles of other furniture in your living room. For example, for a living room where you have a white MDF coffee table and L gray armchairs, you should avoid choosing TV units designed with dark-toned wood. Such a preference will break the integrity of modern decoration and neutralize the elegance of other furniture.

If you like to read books and have a lot of magazines, the solution should be a model that offers the use of the bookcase with unit parts, with upright shelves mounted on the wall. You can both place your books and slide minimal trinkets on these models.

How to Choose a TV Unit Accompanying Modern Furniture?

If there are L-shaped anthracite armchairs, a gray wooden coffee table and a modern dining set, the most prominent modern decoration in living room decoration, gray colored TV units with tumbled details should be chosen.

While these units accompany modern living room decoration in the best way, they bring the sense of spaciousness provided by gray aged, light wood to the decoration. The models include a TV unit console cabinet designed for direct mounting of the TV, a wall unit with vertical flap and an add-on unit with horizontal shelves. Reflecting the power of wood in all 3 parts, these modern TV units are suitable for storing CDs and other items thanks to both books and the closed model.

The covers on each part of modern gray and wooden TV units are designed with a self-patterned look with square-shaped stripes. While this design brings a balanced movement to the decoration, it enables the model to achieve a striking structure. The craftsmanship details take the aged gray wood one step further.

Choosing a TV Unit to Accompany Scandinavian Style Furniture

If the power of Scandinavian style is dominant in the living room, the TV unit should reflect the power of classical wood directly. Therefore, a wooden TV unit with both simple and dynamic workmanship can be added to the decoration.

In particular, the units with oval cups reflecting the specific color of matte and metal, a lower cabinet unit with drawers and upper bookcase shelves with doors will be ideal for the Scandinavian style. In the lower cabinet sections of these units, handcrafting applications can be found just above the drawers. It brings the natural look and luxurious details of the texture of this wood to the decoration.

Especially in the upper unit, the TV units, which offer two covered compartments in the middle body and two separate horizontal book shelves on the sides, are the right choices to keep books and magazines in the best way and to display accessories. If there are green plants, knitted wall ornaments, wicker detailed lighting in the living room, these TV units complete the decor for you.

TV Unit Selection for Halls with Granite Details

One of the most trendy details in decoration is the application of the appearance of a granite and marble texture to the furniture. Especially if coffee tables reflecting the appearance of granite and marble texture in the halls and tables with granite surfaces are used, a TV unit in the same style should be selected.

In order to maintain this industrial decoration atmosphere, full harmony is achieved by using a closed TV unit dominated by a granite pattern on the lower cabinet. On the cover sections, black metal handles stand out, and a striking appearance is reflected with the massive texture of the wood. The legs of the TV unit should be designed with a black metal frame sitting on the floor in a square form. Thanks to the use of a TV unit with these details, a successful match is achieved with the industrial decoration and other granite-looking furniture in the hall.

The vertical shelf sections of these TV units mounted on the wall will also carry the harmony of marble and wood. The TV unit wall piece, especially designed with black metal frame and solid wood shelves, offers a stylish display area for books. Preferred magazines and accessories are placed on these wide shelves.

TV Unit Selection for White Furniture

If there are generally white furniture in the living room, TV units where white wood and classic earth tone wood meet should be used. For example, while a wooden model with a cover is preferred on the lower console of the TV unit, glossy MDF or lacquered strip designs are applied to the cover parts of this model. In this way, the wooden TV unit is now brought into a usable structure with white furniture elements.

At the same time, balancing the dominance of intense white in the room with a wooden texture, these TV units provide a stylish space to place books or position minimal frames with their wall-mounted open compartment shelves. In addition to comfortable use, models that exhibit an elegant stance with their stylish wooden legs will be in full harmony with L seats. They can be included in decoration as an indispensable piece in quilted sports-modern sofa sets. They can be paired with wooden coffee tables and reflect a modern look, while they can be used with wooden lighting accessories or sports style chandeliers.

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