What Are The 2022 Bedroom Set Suggestions?

2022 Yatak Odası Takımı Önerileri Nelerdir?

Bedroom sets there are some tricks to consider when choosing. The first of these points is that the team to be taken has been newly designed and has determined its fashion according to that year. This prolongs the duration of the bedroom set you will buy and gives you the opportunity to use it for a longer period of time. Those who want to change the layout or old furniture in the bedroom can choose from the bedroom models below. These models are specially prepared for the year 2022 and each of them has a very useful structure. The cabinets in the models will offer you a comfortable use with their large interior volume.

Eva Bedroom

Eva Yatak Odası

Eva Bedroom ıt is a Scandinavian designed product and consists of parts that combine both quality and elegance. Thanks to the walnut veneer used in the set, you can feel an elegant look in your bedroom. All products in this collection are covered with first quality chipboard and surrounded by special Condorna walnut. Therefore, you can use the set like new for many years. The covers in the set are made of glass and their reflective feature is tempered. For this reason, it does not cause any harm to the living health either through the skin or through the respiratory tract.

Eva Bedroom Features

Bedroom model beech wood was used on the legs of the bed in the bed and painted with the color of beech wood. The design of the cabinet in the set is left to the customers and can be designed as wood or glass. The quilted embroidery on the bed reveals a very beautiful appearance. The bed can be produced both with and without a base. The bed dimensions in this set are determined as 160*200. The set includes 2 bedside tables, a dresser mirror, a dresser with 4 drawers, a single wooden module and a cabinet with 2 glass doors.

Perla Bedroom Set

Perla Bedroom Set ıt is designed in white color for you to have a more peaceful time in your bedrooms. This model, which reinforces your feeling of comfort while falling asleep and makes it easier for you to fall asleep, has first class quality chipboard. The entire collection is covered with special pearl metal. There are two different types of cupboards in the cupboard, and the cupboard can be produced as sliding or with a door in accordance with the demands of the customers. If the door model is selected, a cabinet with a total of 6 doors is sent to you with a set. All of the feet in the set are made of hard filling material and painted in a natural color.

Perla Bedroom Set Content

Perla Bedroom Set content when it comes to the subject, a bed with 160*200 dimensions comes to mind first. The bed, which can be produced in two different categories with or without a base, has quilted details. There are 2 nightstands and a dresser with 3 drawers in the Perla model. The model also includes a dresser mirror, a wardrobe that can be selected as sliding or with shelves.

Hitit Bedroom Set

Serenity smelling with wood patterns Hitit Bedroom Set drags you into a natural world. The coating material used in the set is chipboard prepared as first quality. My chipboard is surrounded by a special rosary walnut. Leather applications on the covers and the front of the covers are presented to you as a different design. The dresser legs and bed legs in the set are made of beech wood. Therefore, it has a very long usage. This model includes a sliding wardrobe option. In this way, you can use your cabinet either with a shelf or as a sliding one.

Hitit Bedroom Set Content

Hitit Bedroom Set content when examined, the first product that draws attention is the bedstead, which can be produced from different mechanisms, with or without a base. The size of the bed is set as 160*200 and it is aimed for you to have a comfortable sleep. The product includes 2 nightstands and a dresser. The dresser has a mirror and 4 drawers.

Hedef Bedroom Set

Hedef Yatak Odası Takımı

With an attractive design Hedef Bedroom Set ıt has eye-catching details and a plain form. Each product used in the Target Bedroom is covered with durable chipboard. In addition, chipboard is accompanied by pine walnut veneer. In this suit, which uses a metal profile on each foot, all of the feet are covered with matte black. The product offers two different cabinet options as a sliding door design or a drawer design. A system high from the ground is used in the bed and it has a very high quality structure.

Hedef Bedroom Set Content

Hedef Bedroom Set content ıt has a 160*200 bed frame to help you have a comfortable sleep. In addition to this bed, the set includes 2 bedside tables, a 3-piece dresser and a dresser mirror. The feet of each of the products are designed with high.

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