The Importance of Wood in Home Decoration

The Importance of Wood in Home Decoration

When it comes to home decoration, one of the first materials that come to mind is undoubtedly the elegance of wood and wood. This timeless and widely preferred material adds a natural atmosphere to decoration. The use of wood in many areas from wall units to furniture is undeniable. Wooden furniture suitable for every taste and color gives a contemporary, modern and distinguished decoration to the area where it is used. Wooden furniture is ideal elements to ensure harmony in design, depending on the type of material used. It also brings many advantages. It is very easy to clean and maintain. It absorbs moisture and at the same time provides thermal insulation by preserving the moisture balance of the environment. Its simple structure offers an opportunity to show off without exaggeration. It gives a magnificent decoration privilege by bringing naturalness to the forefront, especially in homes.


 Wood Panel Furniture

Panel furniture is an assembly type furniture made on the basis of wooden panels and basic building panels as the main material and substrate. These furniture, which saves space and ease of use, are produced from materials such as artificial wood, plywood, block board, chipboard and MDF. Panel furniture matches the surface decoration. Thanks to the artificial board and its hardware, problems such as separable, replaceable and deformation are eliminated. It provides an aesthetic and stable quality to your home as well as an elegant appearance.

Panel furniture uses a variety of metal hardware suitable for fastening and transportation. The original and physical structure of the wood is preserved. Its most natural state is massive furniture. Materials such as metal or glue are not used in solid furniture. It is produced entirely from natural wood. It is the most natural and healthy furniture to be used as water-based paint and varnish are used. It has a durable and solid structure. When it comes to wear and tear on the basis of use, it reaches the first day quality by maintenance.


 Advantages of Solid Wood

The use of solid wood brings many advantages. Some of those;

  •  It is a natural and healthy material,
  •  It offers a wide surface without spoiling the naturalness,
  •  It can be easily processed on machines,
  •  It has rich surface texture and decoration,
  •  High size and resistance,
  •  It is long-lasting,
  •  Offers different sizes and types of wood,
  •  It is the most ideal for assembly and disassembly,
  •  It increases the speed and quality of furniture production.


 Functional and Decorative

The furniture you use in your home should not be just functional or just decorative. It should include both features. Because functionality and decoration are in a whole. It doesn't make any sense to have one without the other. For this reason, it is important that the furniture you buy meets your expectations and adds an aesthetic value visually.

After facing problems such as fatigue and stress during the day, we want to come home and feel the peace and comfort. The meeting of the items that we like in the home environment and the relaxing colors give a visual peace in decorative terms. At the same time, being functional makes our lives easier and provides comfort. The visuality and aesthetics of the furniture changes the air of the house. Adapting to the day-to-day changing aesthetic perception is even ahead of functionality. But if you do not feel comfortable at home, visuality will not make much sense. Regardless, the functionality of your furniture is its main purpose. Furniture that has no functionality and does not provide a comfortable use is just a nice design. As we mentioned at the beginning, a piece of furniture should be both functional and decorative. Without either of these two properties, it won't make any sense. Although the way to provide comfort and convenience at home is through functionality, it is a defining feature that it suits our tastes. The most important building material that provides all these features is wood.


 Let Your Decoration Reflect You

Decoration is the art of homes. When we look at the history of humanity, we see that people have decorated their living spaces for many years. This is the way people reflect their tastes and their inner world to the environment. Because everyone wants to create environments where they enjoy spending time. It also adds a piece of personality to this environment.

We spend most of our lives in closed spaces. The decoration of these areas directly affects our peace, energy and relationships. The colors and location of the objects used create different effects on us. In addition to the correct sequence, correct color preferences are also very important. It should be emphasized that plain and soft colors have a peaceful feature. In addition, plain, light and soft colors allow us to create more spacious spaces. Vivid tones that will join together both increase the energy and add visual integrity. When it comes to color tones, the furniture material that reflects simplicity in the best way is wood. Wooden furniture obtained from different types of trees never goes out of fashion and is the ideal way to ensure the color combination of the environment.

Wood has a different place in decorations fed by art, science and philosophy. The use of wood in decoration gives the person energy and self-confidence. It also has features such as resting, motivating and renewing. Wooden furniture is always preferred with a conscious consumer awareness. The wood used in furniture that suits our needs and that we interact with constantly responds to these needs in the best way. Supply is also shaped according to this demand.

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